Manufacturing and
Scientific Industries 

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About Mayfly Industries

We are a specialist recruitment service provider with technically qualified and experienced consultants specialising in Scientific and Manufacturing Industries.

Our services include Complete and Specialised Recruitment solutions and effective Human Resource and Payroll services as well as in-depth and accurate Market Research offerings. Our management team brings years of experience, a well-developed network, recruiting skills along with a dynamic approach to a vast and complex industry.

We recognise our responsibility to influence the careers and lives through our insight, advice and expertise.

We promote professional ethics, confidentiality and value for money with an emphasis on honesty and integrity.

As a partnership, we value long-term relationships with our clients and candidates. We ensure quality service through efficient processes.

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Our Team

Our team of qualified and experienced specialist recruitment consultants ensure exceptional client and candidate services to specialised industries. We guarantee long term client and candidate relationships by upholding a pledge of Service Excellence. We have built a significant network of relevant talent over many years within our area of specialisation.

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Industrial Sectors Include

We focus within the Scientific and Industrial Manufacturing Sectors:

Mayfly Agri targets niche industries but can offer expertise as well as an extensive database of candidates across all job types: