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Our Recruitment

With over 35 years' combined experience in recruitment, our team of consultants have mastered the relationship between client expectation and candidate delivery. 

What sets our recruitment apart from our competitors is our industry qualified consultants in the agriculture, animal, chemical, bio-chemistry and environmental industries. With in-depth knowledge of farming, crop management, animal, pharmaceuticals, supply chain, industrial and sales. 

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Why Mayfly Group

Expertise and industry knowledge

We specialise in finding and attracting talent across various industries and job roles. We possess in-depth knowledge of the job market, industry trends, and candidate expectations. Our expertise allows us to identify and screen suitable candidates more effectively.

Time and cost saving recruitment

The hiring process can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Our recruitment can save businesses valuable time by handling tasks such as job advertising, resume screening, conducting initial interviews, and shortlisting candidates. This enables internal HR teams and hiring managers to focus on their core responsibilities. Moreover, hiring mistakes can be costly, and recruitment companies aim to minimise the risks by providing qualified candidates, reducing the chances of a poor fit.

Access to a wider talent pool

We have an extensive network and access to a broad talent pool, including both active and passive job seekers. We maintain and grow a database of pre-screened candidates, maintain relationships with potential hires, and leverage the network to find suitable candidates for specific job requirements. This expands the reach of businesses beyond their own recruitment efforts.

Screening and assessment

Mayfly Group employ rigorous screening and assessment processes to evaluate candidates. We conduct interviews, skills assessments, and reference checks to ensure that candidates possess the necessary qualifications and fit the company's culture. This saves businesses from conducting these processes themselves and increases the likelihood of finding qualified candidates.

Confidentiality and privacy

In some cases, businesses may need to maintain confidentiality during the hiring process, such as when replacing a key executive or exploring sensitive reorganisation. We can help ensure discretion and maintain privacy, as we act as an intermediary between the hiring organisation and potential candidates.

Flexibility and scalability

Recruitment needs can fluctuate based on business cycles, expansion plans, or project-based requirements. We offer flexibility by providing on-demand access to talent. We can quickly ramp up or down our efforts based on the business's needs, allowing for scalability.

Employer branding

We serve as ambassadors for our clients' employer brands. We represent the company to potential candidates, showcasing the organisation's culture, values, and opportunities. This helps businesses attract high-quality candidates and create a positive employer brand image in the market.

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